Love Yourself and You'll Never Be Lonely

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Loneliness is that secret emotion that everyone feels but nobody talks about.

Loneliness is that demon whispering in your ear that the world is superior to you.

It’s that voice that says, you might as well give up now.

That voice telling you that you aren’t good enough.

Making you feel as if your life is tainted with failure and deficiency.

And why would you seek out attainment when this cold world has convinced you of your inability to be tenacious?

Because this world is wrong and full of it’s own insecurities. And what is better than proving that someone is inaccurate about the harmful thing’s they have said about you?

You’ve got to wake up on Monday morning and decide it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

You’ve got to stand outside in the cold and resolve your issues with the chilling winter. Appreciate how the icicles glisten off the roofs of the houses or how the untouched snow is like a beautiful white comforter over the earth.

You’ve got to forgive that person who hurt you almost a year ago and realize we’re all on a journey.

Take a whole day to do absolutely nothing, pull out those video games you played with your big brother when you were 7, before innocence was snatched from your puny fingertips.

Wake up at 6 am for no reason just to call your mom before the day has started to tell her you love her.

Most importantly, fall in love with yourself. Take yourself places you’ve never been and get to know yourself. Find the little things that make your heart skip, like the colors of all the trees before they relinquish life before winter, reminding you that all things change.

Tell corny jokes you made up yourself and then learn to laugh at them, even when no one else does.

Some days you won’t be okay, and sometimes you’ll need to cry. That’s okay. You put your favorite sad song on lock yourself in your room and you let the tears fall. But don’t stop loving yourself.

If you get to know yourself, if you climb into your heart and find out all the little things that make it tick, then you can never be lonely. You will have beaten all the torn souls trying to rip you apart, and then it’s all worth it.

Love yourself.


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