Now Is the Time

We won’t be here forever and this, we need to keep in mind. One day, we will watch the sunset for the last time. The pink will swirl with the orange and before we know it, the sky will be sparkling with stars. We won’t know that we watched our last sunset. We will be excited for the next one, and it will come, but not for us. Our eyes will close happily remembering the blazing colors that faded to pastel and then to darkness.

One day, we will get on a plane for the last time. We will arrive home from a wonderful trip, telling our loved one’s stories of the coffee we drank and the beautiful hikes we took. Years may pass and we will keep wanting to go explore a different country and to see the sunrise from a plane window again, but we will not go. Our summers become booked and busy with family picnics and trips to the nearest beaches so we don’t take another trip because we are happy right where we are. The day will come when taking a plane to visit a foreign country won’t be an option for our old bones and tired hearts and so we die happily, remembering the plane rides we did take and how fun the summers at home were.

One day, everything we want to do during our lifetime will not be an option anymore. We will want to tell the story of how we danced barefoot in the grass at sunset with our friends to our favorite music, savoring the light blue of the sky with our youthful eyes. We will want to look at old photographs from the trip where our flight was cancelled and we had to sleep in the airport overnight. We will want to have loved more people and visited more places. We will want to have had more adventures. We will wish that we hadn’t wasted time being afraid, putting things off until another time, and playing life safe by staying in our comfort zone.

Now is the time to make sure that you fulfill the wishes of your eighty-year-old self. Now is the time to book the flight. Now is the time to watch the last bits of light in the February sky fade into the night. Now is the time to go out into the world leaving every last bit of fear behind because this is our life, and we must live it.

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