The lapping of the waves

Sings your soul to rest

Gently lulling your mind to sleep

As you fall deeply

Into the world of dreams

Where you find your purest truth 

Amongst the crystalline waters

And the milky way's stardust 

You are as tall as the clouds

As small as the lady bugs 

Slowly the sirens sing your soul to wake

Unveiling the world before you 

Golden rays shower you with warmth

Indigo waters spray you with salt

Glassy sands bestows you with a lingering embrace

As you observe this life before you 

Recognizing the love that bonds 

Our mother to our souls

Is as infinite as the universe 

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Within every one of us 

Lies a divine feminine

Dormant from lack of attention

Locked away into the deepest part of our souls

Cast away in favor of false perfection

Our instinctual wildness publicly shunned

We have abandoned her

But yet, she rises slowly

As not to disturb

Creeping back into our souls

Broken chains dangling behind her

Her gentle voice 

Breathes life into our souls

Lights fire in our eyes

Heals our broken hearts

Courageously she stands unabashed

Restoring our lost souls to their true glory

Welcome back to the wild, my sister 


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In the dead winter night, 

A howl echos through the trees

It peaks your ears

It ruffles your heart 

It stirs your soul

An itch slithers up your body 

Imploring you to run

To unleash your inner wild

To fully embody your true nature

Because when you allow complete acceptance

Your hackles raise

Your tail flicks

And your howl echoes back  


Is your heart clogged?

Filled to the brim with emotions

Past moments from 5 minutes, 5 months, 5 years ago that still haunt you 

Sitting in your heart unable to be released from their prison

Resurfacing at any moment begging to be set free

But instead you dive into the memory reliving every emotion felt

Escaping the present to relish in the past 

Without realizing that you are also trapped 

Caged in an endless cycle of old emotions dominating your present self

To be free of this cycle, you must forgive

Every past moment shackled to your heart is begging for your forgiveness 

You must find the courage to grant it 

Acknowledge, forgive, let go 


With the new moon on the horizon, the waning crescent provides us a time to renew our souls to prepare for the next moon phase. We must dive inward to discover and examine any blocks, fears, or worries that are in our hearts in order to free ourselves. By illuminating our blockages, we allow our souls to cleanse themselves freeing us to completely embody our true selves. 

When a painful memory resurfaces, you must not engage with it rather sit above actively acknowledging it simultaneously visualizing the memory leaving your body. The moment it begins to exit your heart forgive yourself and the people or things associated with the memory. Forgiveness will not only ensure a complete exit, but also a weight off your soul.

In meditation, you should focus on these painful blockages bringing them to the surface of your psyche. As they emerge, you must (again) forgive those involved and imagine a blinding light consuming the memories releasing them from your soul. 

We must always actively acknowledge, forgive, and let go to ensure a clog-free heart. 

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A soft whisper slowly traces its way through your body

Tickling your soul as it quietly urges you to be still

To flow with the energies around you 

To drink in your surroundings

To cherish this time of stillness 

Because it is in stillness when you connect to your soul and the souls of others 

It is in stillness when your senses explode absorbing every molecule 

It is in stillness when you can transcend beyond yourself to just scrape the edge of nirvana 

Before the stillness ends bringing your world crashing down 

While leaving just a bit of magic behind 

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