Love. Can't Be More Simple.

What is art?

It is love in different forms.

But where?

In every tone, word and color... love appears. If you can feel it, it exists. If you cannot feel it, it still exists.


Because love is the main part of everything. It is the start of endless life, energy, magic.

How to find it?

Look around you, look into yourself. Love is there and everywhere. Don't close your heart. Be aware of what you truly are.

You are love.



Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 15.56.39.png

I want to write. I want to feel and express these emotions
through the words on the paper, to recognize the sun and the flowers,
the moon and the stars I create with sentences -
sentences I've never put together like that. Like now.
Going with the flow.
Listening to my soul.
What words are hidden there?
My heart was beating and whispering them for so long.
Words full of love, unconditional love.
Words that spread kindness and wisdom. But only those who hear,
those who can open their minds and see with their hearts
can actually feel them and their magic.
They are not so many, but more are awakening.
I want to learn, so I can write.
Or will I learn through my expression?
Maybe I should stop now... but I can't.
This is my expression.