Open your eyes

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"Open your eyes"

open your heart


Let it in.
Let it out.

Thrive on the rhythm of the heart.

We are made to wander.
We are made to explore.
We are made to just be.
Otherwise we'll suffocate to numbness.

So tear apart, cry, laugh, dance, be still, breathe, feel.
We are designed for that.

Don't be ashamed
of who you are.
Don't be fearful
of what will happen when you dive.

See through all those swirling waves.
Feel through.
Be through.

You. May. Be.

Let everything be your teacher.

Maybe you are taught something as you dig through superficialities:
the ego. Appearances.
Or maybe you are taught something as you grasp the unmanipulated reflections of what is, offering you a full spectrum of truthfulness and bliss:
mother nature
your root
your raw and pure source.

What is for sure
you can only truly 'see' if you look with the eyes of your endless being
you can only truly hear if you listen through the ears of this unrestrained soul.

Surrender to this limitless openess.
Observe from that place of awareness.
Allow to experience infinitely deep.

And hopefully you'll find out how change can be beauty.
How change means thriving. Means evolving. Flourishing. Expanding. Learning. Living.
Fall down, dive deep, jump high, frisk around, rise.

The key is

You are in good hands.
You are eternal.
You are love.

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Coming Home.

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And so
she found herself always coming back to herself.
Her heart became a residence from where she spoke and moved.
Her heartbeat slowed down
as she let the grip release
on senseless story's
made up by
imaginary confusion.

She let the winds wave through her cells
pulsing water of newborn life through her veins.
Acceptance silenced the swirls raging on her surface
untethered love showed her the way
as she embraced.

She finally understood for real, that only fear had held her back.
Fear of facing herself
because what a mess would it be.
Fear of showing her wounds
which burned to be alleviated.
Fear of being herself
as she lost track of who that was.
And how painful would it be
when the light would contrast that darkness.

But deeply, beneath that veiling
she knew.
She knew, with all that she had within
that this light would heal her.
She knew
what she really
truly believed. 
She knew
the way out.
She just didn't know anymore
to take this way.

But soon she found out that this way
was no way
for it was
an uninterrupted space
of eternity.

Everything seemed to be
a matter of letting go of the control. 

Freefalling had saved her before;
it would save her now.
What was felt, had to be lived
this pain, had to be experienced
then she would be able to detach
from it's irrational base. 

So she decided whole-heartedly
without a word, without a plan
to let go all of her fooling ideas.
She shamelessly dived
into her uncertain mind
while being fueled by an intuition of trust.

And she rose
she became
and rebecame
Intense fogiveness
and endless contentment
sparkled through her
as filaments of pure joy.
It warmed up her being
in undulating dynamics.

All became clear.

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