Using cake as a metaphor for...something...

I've been thinking a lot about motivation. Goals. Passion. What does it mean? Where does it come from? How do we get it? Can we make it ourselves?

Is it something we have to conjour up ourselves, or is it like a store bought cake ready-mix? Is there somewhere you can buy a nice tidy box of motivation, all properly packaged and labeled, with a set of instruction on how to use it? Do we have to add our own ingredients? Where do we get those from? Can you cheat and just buy a ready made cake and skip the hard part of actually baking it? Or is it the making of the cake that allows us to fully appreciate the final taste. (I really hope someone out there understands this metaphor...)

Many of these questions are all ones I have fully accepted I may never know the answers to, as I know that motivation and goals change as we grow. What motivates us one day might bore us the next, and that's okay. What I think most people find difficult, isn't the mustering up of motivation, its the harnessing that passion and achieving the goals you set. (To stick with the metaphor, it's easy to buy ingredients to make a cake, but it can be tough to find a recipe, let alone to go ahead and actually bake it!) 

So lets stick with that conundrum. Picture the scene...

It's a cold and rainy day, you're sitting in your underwear, scrolling through Instagram, wishing you could get into that yoga pose, or make a smoothie bowl that looked that aesthetically pleasing (yes, it's a tough life being a twenty-something girl) and generally wanting more from your life. All of a sudden you find yourself staring down at the most beautiful creation you.have.ever.seen. A ten layer rainbow cake, with chocolate caramel filling between each rainbowy slice of heaven, covered in the juiciest looking strawberries you have ever seen, topped with a selection of white chocolate dipped peanut butter cups, ever so sexily placed on a plate that is surrounded by ripe blueberries and chocolate truffles. (Yes. This is my ultimate cake fantasy. Friends and family feel free to take notes for my upcoming birthday..) You instantly know that your life purpose has been fulfilled. It's simply your destiny to not only recreate this cake, but do it even bigger and better.

You have great intentions. You rush out to the shop straight away, and spend hours trailing around all of the supermarkets looking for all the exact ingredients (logistically tricky if you're in Scotland like me, because ripe fruit simply doesn't exist..) and it costs you a bomb. But that''s okay, because this is going to be the cake that will change your life, give you purpose. This cake is everything you've been looking for, it will validate you.

You get home. Heave the bag up on to the counter and begin unpacking all the ingredients, you're just about to get out your mixing bowl and wooden spoon when you hear the phone ring..

Something comes up. You have to go to work. To uni. Something happens in your family. You fall out with a friend. Or you just sit down and cant be bothered any more. You see the ingredients in the corner of your eye every time you go into the kitchen. They become a threat, willing you to bake them.

Days go past.



You've been putting it off for so long now, you can barely remember what the cake looks like, and the thought of baking it seems like so much effort, it actually starts to scare you. You create a cake complex in your own head, convincing yourself that you were just never meant to bake a cake. You begin to feel guilty every time you see anyone else post a picture of a cake on social media, so much so that you just unfollow everyone so you never have to confront a cake again. 

9/10 times (in my own experience) the cake will never get baked. I know that I personally have about 20 different cake recipes stuck up on my wall, all with big notes on them saying "START BAKING TODAY" or "YOU WANT TO BAKE THIS CAKE. THIS CAKE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE" But I don't. 

The questions that I want to address are; "How do we find the energy to bake the cake" and "How do we continue to bake cakes consistently while dealing with the more mundane aspects of grown up life" Because though baking cakes is hard, its an important aspect of life...Wait sorry, I mean "How do we create motivation" and "How do we keep that passion alive long term" Because finding passions and setting goals can be hard, but its vital.

We would be nothing if none of us had passions and dreams. Having something to work on gives us purpose in this crazy and hectic life. It makes us who we are. Every awesome thing that we humans have achieved was originally a crazy dream in a dark corner of someones brain. Without the motivation to succeed, we wouldn't have any of the things that have changed the way we live our lives, like pre-sliced bagels!!!!

So if you enjoy ridiculous metaphors, bad jokes and rambling blogs that probably dont make sense to sane people, then stick around to help me (maybe, hopefully..) figure out everything there is to know about motivation....