when she allows // a poem

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when she allows

when she allows Him to starve the whispers inside that have held her numb,
when her parched soul is finally soaked in the waves of love.
when her fears have been drowned and her worries have sufficated
her eyes will become galaxies
her spirit a cosmos of stars.
her heart glowing with life and  threaded with dreams
each day when she rises, passion will surge through her veins
no longer will she be tamed by amnesia
no longer will she be consumed in lies
for when she has been awakened
each breath will be wrapped in purpose
each moment traced in joy
how i wish i could let her know that
she is a daughter of the King
eternally loved
and i pray that soon she will come to know how much His heart aches
to heal hers.
for He is fighting for her, pursuing her wholeheartedly
if only she would stop running and crumble into His outstreatched arms